hostel DEN

Sleep, pray, love.
hostel DEN was designed with the concept of a “den” in mind.
A den, a study room or a place for retreat, was adapted into the concept of our hostel as a place for guests who want to spend time relaxing as if they were in their own home.
Most of DEN’s staff members are from overseas, allowing us to provide an international approach to hospitality and services.
Here you will find friendly and casual service that you would expect in Europe or North America, and we are even willing to break the rules every once in a while to meet our guests’ requests.
Internationally-minded service by international staff for international guests.
DEN is also the first Muslim-friendly hostel in Japan, with a free prayer room available for guests.
We also offer other services for Muslim guests, such as introducing them to Halal-certified restaurants in the area using our restaurant map.